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Creosoted timbers

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Creosoted Stobs and Strainers

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length section price quantity
1.65 (5ft 6ins) 50mm - 70mm (2 ins - 3i) £3.74
1.65m (5ft 6ins) 80mm (3.5ins) £4.67
1.65m (5ft 6ins) 75mm -100mm (3ins - 4in) £5.06
2.1m (7ft) 75mm -100mm (3ins - 4in) £10.78
2.4m (8ft) 150mm - 175mm (6ins - 7in) £29.48
2.4m (8ft) 175mm - 200mm (7ins - 8in) £37.95
2.4m (8ft) 75-100mm (3 - 4 ins) £10.78
3.0m (10ft) 150mm - 175mm (6ins - 7in) £43.45
  • Scandinavian redwood (larch or pine) posts. New in stock. Pressure creosoted in Britain with a 25yr desired life. Literally a blast from the past. The straining posts come with 4 sided points, so you do not need to cut into them. the stobs or posts have the same kind of point. Peeled round posts do not expose the heart wood, so they take up the creosote better than any other shape.


Creosote Reclaimed Oak Sleeper

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length section price quantity
2.7m (8ft 6ins) 225mm x 175mm (9ins x 7in) £38.50
  • reclaimed American Oak Grade A sleeper


"Hodge fencing are a rare find in todays business world, combining specialist knowledge, attention to detail and fantastic customer service with the most competitive prices. They are reliable and a pleasure to deal with for an ever expanding range of products and services."

Euan Warnock, Agent, NFU, Oban.

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Delivery to Argyll

We will quote you for delivery of materials you order from us because each order is considerably different.

As a rough guide, deliveries within 5 miles of Oban cost £10, within 20 miles of Oban £15, and within 30 miles of Oban £20.

approximate equivalents

Timber is cut in metric sizes. These approximate equivalents are for your guidance only.

22mm 32mm 38mm 47mm 75mm 85mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
1" 1.25" 1.5" 2" 3" 3.5" 4" 5" 6" 8" 12"
1.5m 1.65m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 3.0m 3.3m 3.6m 3.9m 4.2m 4.5m 4.8m
5' 5'6" 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15' 16'

Help and Information Sheets

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